Grabenmeister Trench cutting

Our products

  • GM 300-H

    Completing heavy milling jobs effortlessly with the GM 300-H depth milling machine For large projects…

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  • GMV 130 Plough

    In cable construction, nothing beats the trench cutting machine GM 130 Plough The most common…

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  • GM4 Crawler

    Drainage channels, drainage systems or pitch heating for football stadiums - the trench cutter Grabenmeister…

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  • GM6 ASR

    Rock trencher GM 6 ASR Reliability, protected technologies and an excellent procedure distinguish the rock…

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  • GM 1 4WD

    Trench Milling from LIBA: The compact and powerful GM 1 all-wheel drive for cable laying…

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  • GM 140-H

    trench cutter for excavator GM 140 H Among many other factors, the right tools and…

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  • GM 140-AFH – 500

    Working flexibly with the GM 140 AFH-500 excavator mounted milling machine Flexibility is particularly important…

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  • GM 160 AF

    The trench cutting machine GM 160 AF offers high efficiency and precision The trench cutting…

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