Installation of cables and pipes LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=with the GM 1 AS trench cutting machine

The installation of cables and pipes plays an important role both in house construction and in the agricultural use of land. For example, it is important to lay drainage pipes in very damp areas in order to remove existing moisture. Since such pipes are laid underground so that they are protected and do not become an obstacle, trenches must first be milled. This is where many users opt for the reliable and powerful GM 1 AS trench cutting machine. This machine scores with its simple handling and modern power take-off drive.

Installation of cables with the GM 1 AS with PTO drive at work

Basically the trench cutting machine GM 1 AS only has to be mounted on a tractor and the work can begin. If the tractor is equipped with a three-point linkage at the rear, the attachment trenchers can be attached in just a few easy steps. A big advantage here is the low dead weight of the tiller. This ensures that even small tractors can work with the machine and dig trenches. The PTO-driven tiller's speed and precision are particularly impressive. An excavator can also dig trenches, but this takes longer and the resulting trenches are not nearly as clean and precise.

In this context, the milling machine benefits from its two augers. These ensure that the excavated material is deposited to the left and right of the trenches and does not slip back again. The machine achieves its high working speed by means of a mechanical power take-off drive. This delivers 540 rpm as standard, but models with 1,000 rpm are also available. In principle, the GM 1 AS trench cutting machine has a tare weight of 600 kg, but this weight can vary depending on the equipment used.

Important components and characteristics of the milling machine GM 1 AS for the installation of cables

In addition to its power take-off drive, the GM 1 AS trench cutting machine also offers numerous other features. Particularly worth mentioning is its versatility in use. For example, the rotary tiller can work with a wide variety of grave trees with a cutter bar depth of 600, 850 or 1,200 millimetres. It is also possible to operate the milling machine with different milling blades between 70 and 300 millimetres. In this way, the trench cutting machine can be individually adapted to different work areas and is thus suitable for a wide range of tasks, projects and installation of cables.

The high flexibility and individuality of the GM 1 AS trench cutting machine with power take-off drive is also reflected in the various equipment variants available to users. For example, a sole scraper with a sole plate can be used. This is capable of adapting both mechanically and automatically to the respective milling depth. A manual or automatic laser system is also available and, if required, the milling machine can be equipped with a pipe-laying shaft with a pipe holder.

 selection of the suitable installation of cables machine GM 1 AS

Many users opt for a Grabenmeister attachment trenchers because they can rely on the quality and durability of such a machine. The machines are excellently processed and perform very well even on difficult terrain. This saves time and energy when laying cables and pipes and is therefore very economical. Even long trenches can be excavated without great effort, equipped with the appropriate pipes and cables and then filled in again.

Another argument in favour of such a rotary tiller with PTO drive is Grabenmeister's many years of experience. The milling machines of this company have already proven themselves in a large number of projects and always deliver excellent results. Specialists with a great deal of know-how and experience are available to help you find the right trench cutting machine.


LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

  • Prerequisite - carrier: tractor/Unimog hydrostatic or super creeper gear
  • Standard equipment: 2 screws
  • Milling beam depth: - 600, 850 and 1200 mm
  • Chain widths: - 70, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm (optionally in 44.45 or 75mm parts)
  • Carbon chisel chains
  • knife chains
  • Sole scraper with sole plate which mechanically/automatically adapts to the respective milling depth
  • 2 augers (excavated material is deposited on the side)
  • Laser system manual or automatic
  • Pipe laying shaft and holder for pipes
LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

  • Drive: mech. via PTO shaft (540 rpm optional 1000 rpm)
  • Weight: 600 kg
  • length: 3.100 mm
  • width: 1.300 mm
  • height: 1.500 mm

(Weight and dimensions depend on the respective equipment)

LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

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