Our new trencher GM 180 AF, even more power when trenching

As a new member in our repertoire, the GM 180 AF is the new top model of our mounted trenchers, replacing the 160 AF from the throne. The 180 AF is characterised above all by even more power when milling, which is required above all when milling in rock. A milling depth of up to 2 metres is also possible. Its areas of application are therefore almost unlimited, as both fine work on a roadside and hard work such as rock milling are possible with one machine.

Information on the GM 180 AF trencher

Despite its power, the GM 180 AF is comparatively light. With a weight of just 4500 kg, the GM 180 AF can easily be attached to a tractor with 300 hp. The carrier should have a weight of approx. 10 tonnes in order to be able to operate the machine properly. The hydraulic power of the tractor is not very important, as the trencher is driven mechanically via a power take-off shaft. Only for lifting and lowering as well as for driving the conveyor belt must the tractor have hydraulic power, but for this a capacity of 60 litres at 180 bar is sufficient, which corresponds to the standard value of most tractors.

A major advantage of the GM 180 AF is the aforementioned mechanical chain drive. This ensures that considerably more power can be called up, whereby the tractor does not have to take on any effort, as it does not have to drive the chain hydraulically. This technology distinguishes us from many other manufacturers and brings great advantages. Firstly, the aforementioned independence from the tractor. Since the chain drive is not hydraulically driven, there is no loss of power due to a lack of hydraulic power.

Why lay glass fibre with the trencher?

In fibreglass construction, accuracy and precision are crucial. If the trenches are not dug properly, the empty conduits cannot be laid correctly and the fibre optic cables also cannot be pulled through the empty conduit as intended. In the end, the trench often has to be opened up again to get everything back out and do it all over again. This does not have much to do with efficiency, as money and time are wasted. But there is another way!

How? With the trencher! In contrast to the excavator, the work is much more precise and faster. Trenches can not only be dug faster, but also more cleanly. The trencher cuts through the earth like a knife. The trenches are then free of stones or similar, so that the empty pipes can be laid professionally. This saves you money at the end of the day.

Time and again, excavators are used for fibre optic work on the grounds that they are cheaper. This is often the case when it comes to the purchase price, but the calculation often doesn't work out as expected. Due to problems already mentioned, such as unclean trenches, laying work often has to be done twice. This costs an enormous amount of time and, above all, money. This money and the associated stress can be avoided by working with a trencher at the beginning.

Many of our customers have previously worked with excavators and can no longer imagine working without a trencher. Due to the extreme advantages and the versatile application possibilities, a trencher belongs to every construction company. Because there is no room for lost time and money in the construction industry.

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