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Dienstleistung Grabenfräsen - Vermietung und Verleih

Rental and leasing of trenching machines

If, however, you do not have your own equipment or specialist personnel, renting trenchers is the right option. We come up with an attractive total package consisting of expert knowledge, good ideas, high-quality materials and the right machines.

In our large fleet we have equipment for all kinds of earthworks. In the rental area we have various ride-on trenching machines for normal to heavy soils at your disposal. We always rent the machine with one operator.

We have 4 different trenchers and their attachments available for rental.
GM 1 All-wheel drive

Trencher GM 1 all-wheel drive:

LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=
The trenchers of the GM 1 all-wheel drive series are diesel powered and self-propelled all-wheel drive trenchers. They have a low dead weight and thus guarantee a low ground load. The tilt device can easily compensate lateral slopes of up to 15 degrees. The operator platform of the trenchers can be swivelled. The excavated material is ejected either to the right or to the left.

Kabelverlegung mit der GM 1      Grabenfräse GM 1 A bei der Kabelverlegung mit Trichter zum Verfüllen  Grabenfräsen im Leitungsbau, Kabelbau und Drainagen  GM1 Allrad zur Kabelverlegung

Grabenfräse GM 1 A mit Trichter zum Verfüllen


Trencher GM 4 all-wheel drive:

drainage im Sportplatzbau

The operator's platform of the GM 4 all-wheel drive can be moved in just a few steps, allowing a direct view of the trench and the milling chain. To be able to complete milling and backfilling in a single operation, the additional equipment with a backfilling hopper is worthwhile. Thanks to its vertical position, the self-propelled GM 4 all-wheel drive trenchers for rent for sports field drainage can also work on slopes. The tilt device hydraulically compensates for lateral inclines of up to 12 degrees.

Grabenfräse im Leitungsbau  Grabenfräse im Leitungsbau  GM 4 Allrad  Grabenfräse im Leitungsbau


Grabenfräse im Leitungsbau


Trencher GM 4 with caterpillar drive:

LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=
As a crawler, the Grabenmeister GM 4 can cope with a wide range of requirements. The flexible machine can be adjusted to milling depths of 600, 800, 1250 and 1500 mm. Milling chains with knife carbon bits or mixed chains are available. Milling widths from 70 to a maximum of 450 mm are possible. The optional hopper on the GM4 track saves time. The trench is milled in one working step and immediately filled with gravel. At the same time, the drainage pipe can be laid over a reel with pipe guide.

Grabenfräse im Leitungsbau  Grabenfräsen im Leitungsbau, Kabelbau und Drainagen  Grabenfräsen im Leitungsbau, Kabelbau und Drainagen  Grabenfräsen im Leitungsbau, Kabelbau und Drainagen


Grabenfräsen im Leitungsbau, Kabelbau und Drainagen


Trencher GM 6 ASR:


LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

 The trencher GM 6 ASR

With the rock trencher GM 6 ASR you work at the best angle for less wear. The GM 6 ASR convinces with track drive and turbo diesel. It is a versatile and powerful rock trencher with hydraulic boom. The boom can be moved laterally by up to 40 centimetres above the outer edge of the machine. The excavated material lands in the left-hand milling direction at the desired point via the hydraulic conveyor belt. With a supplementary conveyor belt, the excavated material can be loaded onto a truck in a single operation. This conveyor belt can easily be ordered separately.

The rock trencher GM 6 ASR is equipped with guide rollers which enable direct pipe and cable entry. The cab can be swivelled hydraulically. Thanks to the tilt device, lateral slopes of up to 12 degrees can be compensated hydraulically without any problems. Many years of experience in the field of rock milling have now been implemented with the trench cutting machine GM 6 ASR.

You benefit from our many years of experience and professional expertise.

Our devices are characterized by high functionality and reliability. They have already proven themselves in many applications and numerous projects and are used by a large number of companies. In addition, we offer you over 50 years of experience, which is reflected in the technical sophistication and professionalism of our trenchers. We are active worldwide and are therefore familiar both with the needs of small companies and with the demands of global corporations. This experience allows you to benefit from an immense know-how and to get the optimal mixture of high-quality equipment and first-class and practical customer service. Choose excellent quality and get in touch with us directly.

Wie tief gräbt eine Grabenfräse?  Was kann eine Grabenfräse?  Welche Grabenfräse ist gut?  Wie arbeitet eine Grabenfräse?


Was macht eine Grabenfräse?

If you have any questions regarding the rental of our trenchers and would like an offer, please use our contact form. We will immediately deal with your request and send you an offer. You can also call us at +49 (0) 591 - 76 314. We are looking forward to your visit!


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