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GM 300-HF

Completing heavy milling jobs effortlessly with the GM 300-HF depth milling machine For large projects requiring a considerable working depth, a depth milling machine is particularly suitable. It creates deep and wide trenches that are characterised by their cleanliness and precision. The GM 300-HF depth milling machine is particularly efficient. This deep trencher is connected…
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GMV 130 Plough

In cable construction, nothing beats the trench cutting machine GM 130 Plough The most common machines in cable construction include trench cutters and a vibration plough for excavators. Especially the trench cutter GM 130 plough is very popular to bring cables safely and reliably under the ground. The machine is easy to operate and offers…
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GM 140-H

trench cutter for excavator GM 140 H Among many other factors, the right tools and machines play a decisive role in Germany's digital expansion. In order to be able to supply the entire republic with fast Internet, it is necessary to lay large quantities of fiber optic cable underground. This is where the trench cutter…
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