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GM 1800 P grave master drain

The grave master drain GM 1800 P is a product of our long experience in building Drainmachine, Drainpflüge grave and milling and good cooperation with our customers for these machines. The GM 1800 P is a device that will meet in the implementation of the drainage works and trenching for cables and pipes for gas…
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Trencher GM 4 all-wheel drive Today, sports facilities are subject to greater wear and tear and at the same time users demand higher quality lawns. In order to meet these high quality standards, extensive maintenance is necessary, but this must not interfere with sports activities in the long term. With the right tools for sports…
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GMV 130 Plough

The GMV 130 plow is special designed for tractors and excavators. It can be used as an attachment to 3-point tractor with a continuously variable transmission or creeper from 150 hp as well as hydraulic excavators from 20 tons. The plow has a maximum operating depth of 1.300 mm and simultaneously pipes / cables etc.…
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