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GM 140-AFH – 600

Prerequisite - carrier unit: hydraulic excavator from 15 to, oil 140 - 160 l/min, 300-350 bar Standard equipment: Standard conveyor belt, turntable hydr. Milling beam depth: - 600, 850, 1200 and 1500 mm (side-shiftable) chain width: 1 beam - 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 mm chain widths: 2 beams - 500 and…
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GM 300-H

milling machine
A depth milling machine is particularly suitable for large projects that require a considerable working depth. This machine creates deep and wide trenches that are characterized by their cleanliness and precision. The GM 300-H trench milling machine is particularly efficient.

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GM 140-H

Combine the GM 140 H trencher for excavator In addition to many other factors, the right tools and machines play a decisive role in Germany's digital expansion. In order to be able to supply the whole republic with fast Internet, it is necessary to lay large quantities of fiber optic cables underground. This is where…
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GM 160 S or AF

   The milling machine for excavator GM 160 AF/AS The trench milling machine GM 160 AF is an attachment milling machine for Unimog. It was designed for tractors with a three-point linkage and can easily be attached to the rear of the tractor. With a weight of 2,300 kg, this milling machine for Unimog is…
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 Installation of cables and pipes with the GM 1 AS trench cutting machine The installation of cables and pipes plays an important role both in house construction and in the agricultural use of land. For example, it is important to lay drainage pipes in very damp areas in order to remove existing moisture. Since such…
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GM 140 AF

With the GM 140 AF trench cutter for tractors, drainage pipe laying succeeds This trench cutter for tractors cleanly and precisely digs the trenches that are important for the laying of drainage pipes. Drainage pipe laying plays a decisive role in agriculture, but also in basement construction. Such pipes are used to drain off surface…
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