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Laser for depth regulation

You can obtain high-quality lasers for depth regulation from us Precision for drainage is extremely important to achieve high quality and reliability. Nowadays, thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to make very accurate measurements and work. A laser for depth regulation is very useful here. It is able to take precise measurements and thus…
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Spare parts for trenching machines

Uns ist es wichtig, dass Sie mit Ihrer Fräse zufrieden sind und stets ohne Probleme damit arbeiten können. Aus diesem Grund haben wir ein breit aufgestelltes Sortiment an Ersatzteilen

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Dozer blade

Working cleanly and efficiently with a dozer blade Dozer blades are an advantage in all projects where a floor needs to be smoothed or cleared. This is especially true if they are hydraulically controllable. The various models are easy to install and are ready for immediate use. Our dozer blades are characterised by their particularly…
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