Working efLIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=ficiently and economically with a tractor milling machine

It is a proven methode to lay cables and pipes underground. This protects them from external influences and does not adversely affect the aesthetics of a property. However, in order to lay power cables and drainage pipes professionally, for example, the appropriate trenches must first be milled into the ground. The GM 1 AF tractor milling machine is a good choice.

The GM 1 AF tractor milling machine in use

The beauty of the GM 1 AF tractor milling machine is that it is easy to handle. It is mounted on the rear of a tractor by means of a three-point linkage and performs its job reliably. You benefit from the low weight of the tractor milling machine. This means that it can even be used by small tractors and used for milling. The trenches created in this way are very uniform and make it very easy to pick up cables and pipes. The tractor milling machine works with a standard hydraulic conveyor belt and the milling beam depth can be selected between 600, 850 and 1,200 millimetres.

Choosing the right equipment for the GM 1 AF tractor milling machine

In order for the GM 1 AF to do its job reliably, it is important to equip it with the right equipment. For example, the use of different grab trees is useful, as this results in a different milling beam depth. It has also proved successful to use separate milling knives for different tasks. The chain widths range from 70 to 300 millimeters. It is also recommended to use a sole scraper with a sole plate. This adjusts mechanically or automatically to the current milling depth as required.

However, there are many other equipment options that you can choose from. For example, the tractor milling machine can work with a manual or automatic laser system or offer a pipe laying shaft and a holder for pipes. All these accessories help to make working with the tractor milling machine as simple and suitable for everyday use as possible. In this way, it is no problem to work with this tool particularly economically.

This is how the GM 1 AF tractor milling machine works

The GM 1 AF tractor milling machine has a mechanical drive via PTO shaft. Here 540 rpm are available, but also 1,000 rpm are available. The tiller's own weight of 700 kg is comparatively low. However, it should be noted that the weight depends, among other things, on the equipment with which the milling machine is equipped. On request, it is possible to combine the tractor milling machine with a loading conveyor of 3,000 millimetres. In this way, the trench is milled and the pipe laid in a single operation. This saves a lot of time and is therefore very economical.

When using a tractor milling machine, it is important that the excavated material cannot slide back into the opening. For this purpose, the GM 1 AF tractor milling machine works with a hydraulic conveyor belt. This ensures that the excavated material is deposited to the right and left of the trench. This ensures that it lies securely and that the cables or pipes can be laid easily. Thanks to this method, it is then easy to refill the trenches and provide a level surface.

You benefit from our many years of experience and professional expertise

Our devices are characterized by high functionality and reliability. They have already proven themselves in many applications and numerous projects and are used by a large number of companies. In addition, we offer you over 50 years of experience which is reflected in the technical sophistication and professionalism of our tractor milling machines. We are active worldwide and are therefore familiar both with the needs of small companies and with the demands of global corporations. This experience allows you to benefit from an immense know-how and to get the optimal mixture of high-quality equipment and first-class and practical customer service. Choose excellent quality and get in touch with us directly.

LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

  • Prerequisite - carrier: tractor/Unimog hydrostatic or super creeper gear
  • Standard equipment: Standard conveyor belt hyd.
  • Milling beam depth: - 600, 850 and 1200 mm
  • Chain widths: - 70, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm (optionally in 44.45 or 75mm parts)
  • Carbon chisel chains
  • knife chains
  • Sole scraper with sole plate which adapts mechanically or automatically to the respective milling depth
  • Loading conveyor belt 3000 mm for direct loading
  • Laser system manual or automatic
  • Pipe laying shaft and holder for pipes
LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

  • Drive: mech. via PTO shaft (540 rpm optional 1000 rpm)
  • Weight: 700 kg
  • length: 3.100 mm
  • width: 1.600 mm
  • height: 1.500 mm

(Weight and dimensions depend on the respective equipment)

LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=

LIBA - Perfektion im Kabelbau Rohrleitungsbau Drainagen width=


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