Unimog trencher

The perfect way to combine a Unimog with a tiller. Use your old Unimog or a similar carrier and convert it into a tiller that will help you. We now offer you this possibility by breathing new life into your old carrier and installing a functioning milling machine on it.

Many variations are possible, as we can adapt the tiller to your wishes and needs. Depth and width are therefore relatively freely selectable. Of course, it always depends on the power and load capacity of the carrier which depths and widths are within the range of what is possible in order to allow the machine to work properly.

The advantages of such a conversion are of course obvious. First of all, you will of course save money. If you are thinking of buying or renting a trencher, this can be quite expensive. These costs do not disappear completely when you convert your Unimog with a trencher, but you save money by not having to buy another carrier or a self-propelled trencher. Furthermore, as mentioned above, you can convert a carrier that is otherwise just standing in the way or not being used into a useful trencher.

If you are interested in such a conversion, please call us or send us an e-mail. Due to the specialisation of each carrier, we will then make you an individual offer according to your wishes.


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