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Depth milling machine: The optimal solution for precise and efficient milling

Entwässerung mit einer Tiefenfräse

A deep router is a versatile tool that can be used not only in woodworking and metalworking, but also for specialized applications such as cable laying. In this article we will look in more detail at the use of deep cutters for cable laying. Learn how this powerful tool can help you quickly and accurately lay cables in the ground to create a reliable power or communications infrastructure.

Efficient cable laying with a depth milling machine:

  1. Precise cuts: a deep router allows you to make precise cuts in the ground to create cable slots. With its adjustable depth control and strong power, the deep router can reach the exact depth needed to safely lay the cables.

  2. Time saving: By using depth cutters for cable laying, you can save time and effort. Compared to traditional methods such as hand digging trenches, the deep trencher allows cables to be laid in the ground quickly and efficiently.

  3. Low surface disturbance: The use of deep milling minimizes surface disturbance. Since the tiller creates the cable slots directly in the ground, the surrounding area remains largely untouched. This is especially important in residential or public areas where minimal surface disturbance is desired.

  4. Versatility: Depth cutters can be used for different types of cables, be it power cables, data cables or communication cables. They allow the laying of cables in different diameters and provide flexibility for different applications.

  5. Professional results: By using depth milling machines, you get professional results. Precise laying of cables into the ground ensures a reliable and durable infrastructure for power or communication.

  6. Reduced costs: Although a deep tiller requires an initial investment, you can save money in the long run. Efficient cable routing reduces labor and minimizes the need for repairs and maintenance.

There are numerous benefits to using a deep router for cable installation, including precise cuts, time savings, low surface disturbance, versatility, professional results and cost efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to lay cables in the ground, the deep tiller is the optimal solution. Invest in a high-quality deep router and experience the benefits of efficient cable laying for a reliable power or communications infrastructure.

Milling width: 400 mm
Milling depth: 3000 mm
Motor: Perkins 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel
Traction drive:
Working/ Transport speed:
Milling chain drive:
Electrical system:
Hydraulic system:
Tyre undercarriage crawler undercarriage:
Additional equipment: -Cabin with heating and air conditioning -filling auger or dozer blade -loading conveyor belt for front loading onto lorries -cable drum pick-up -Laser system for depth control -Knife and chain -reel for drainage pipes
Milling beam depth:
Chain width:
Weight: 16000 KG
Lenght: 9100 mm
Wide: 2500 mm
Height: 3100 mm