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Laying fiber optic cables with trenchers

Trenchers are also an effective method of laying fiber optic cables. Here are some advantages of using trenchers for laying fiber optic cables:

  1. Precision: The setting of the trencher allows to precisely control the depth and width of the trench, which is important for effective laying of fiber optic cables.
  2. Speed: Trenchers can install fiber optic lines quickly and efficiently because they break up the ground and make it easier to lay the lines.
  3. Less damage: using trenchers minimizes damage to the surrounding landscape and plants because the trencher is precise and controlled.
  4. Less physical effort: The use of trenchers reduces the physical effort required to manually dig trenches and lay fiber optic cables, resulting in a lower risk of injury.
  5. Flexibility: Trenchers can be used in a variety of soil types, making it a versatile option for laying fiber optic cables.
  6. Reusable material: The material excavated by the trencher can be reused for other purposes, reducing waste.

Why the trencher and not the excavator?

Unfortunately, many builders still resort to the excavators. However, this does not make sense for several reasons. A trencher has several advantages over an excavator:

  1. Precision: A trencher can work very precisely and dig a straight, narrow trench, which is especially advantageous when laying pipes or cables.
  2. Efficiency: a trencher is usually faster than an excavator and can therefore get the job done faster.
  3. Soil Conservation: A trencher does less damage to the soil than an excavator because it loosens and excavates the soil by milling, rather than “digging” and crushing it.
  4. Cost saving: Since a trencher works faster and more precisely, the work of trenching is done faster, saving time and money.

Overall, the use of trenchers for fiber optic cable installation provides a fast, efficient and accurate method of digging trenches and laying conduit. This saves time and money and minimizes damage to the surrounding landscape and plants.

Suitable trenchers to lay fiber optic cables are: