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Fiber optic expansion in record time with trenchers

Fiber optic expansion is of great importance in today’s world, as more and more people rely on fast and reliable Internet connections. Lingener Baumaschinen offers a solution for fiber optic expansion in record time with trenchers. The trenchers from Lingener Baumaschinen are specially designed for fiber optic expansion and enable fast and precise excavations to

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Good advice and information exchange when buying trenchers

Good advice and information sharing are critical to finding the right trencher for the application. There are many different types of trenchers, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of work to be done. Lingener Baumaschinen will be able to advise you and answer questions to ensure the trencher meets

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erneuerbare Energien

Fast spare parts supply for trenchers

A quick supply of spare parts is important to ensure that a trencher can be repaired quickly if a problem occurs. The availability of replacement parts depends on several factors, including the make and model of the trencher, the age of the machine, and the availability of replacement parts from the manufacturer or a dealer.

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Trenchers from Trenchmeister for a future with green energy

Trenching for a green energy future: Efficient tools for the expansion of renewable energies The importance of green energy sources is growing in a world that is increasingly focused on sustainable solutions. The expansion of renewable energies requires efficient and specialized tools to realize infrastructures such as wind farms or solar power plants. Trenchers play

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Trenchers from Lingener Baumaschinen convince in use

Today we would like to talk about trenchers in use, which is of great importance for contractors and telecommunication service providers: the correct creation of cable manholes. An efficient and well-designed cable tray is critical for a reliable and durable cable infrastructure. In this newsletter, we’ll show you how trenchers in use can help create

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Lingener Baumaschinen presents powerful trenchers

Lingen, July 13, 2023 – Lingener Baumaschinen, a leading supplier of mounted trenchers, is pleased to introduce its latest line of high-performance mounted trenchers. With their impressive power and versatility, these trenchers offer an efficient solution for excavation work in different areas. Lingener Baumaschinen’s mounted milling machines are specially designed to facilitate and efficiently perform

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Effizientes Glasfaserkabel-Verlegen mit der GM 4 Allrad Grabenfräse: Schnell und präzise

Broadband trenching – the perfect machine GM 4 Allrad

In the modern world, fast and reliable Internet is indispensable. From streaming movies and music to working from home, effective communication and collaboration in today’s society depends on a fast and stable Internet connection. But many rural areas still suffer from inadequate broadband coverage, which is a major obstacle to the progress and development of

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Building trenches with trenchers

Trenching with trenchers from Lingener Baumaschinen is a relatively simple process. Here are the basic steps to follow when using trenchers to construct trenches: Planning: The planning of the trench should be done in advance to ensure that the trenchers work in the right places. The depth and width of the trench must be determined

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Innovative cable laying with a trencher from Lingener Baumaschinen

Cable laying is an important step in various construction projects, be it for power, communication or other types of cables. An innovative method that is gaining more and more importance is cable laying with trenchers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits of this innovative technology and why using trenchers

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Trenchers facilitate the installation of irrigation and drainage system

Effective drainage is critical to ensure drainage and protection of areas from water accumulation. Trenchers play an important role in the installation of such systems. With their powerful milling technology, they enable efficient and precise creation of trenches for the installation of drainage pipes. In this article, we will take a closer look at how

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