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GM 1800 P – landscaping with trenchers

Landscaping with trenchers

The GM 1800 P trencher from Lingener Baumaschinen is a specially designed machine for use in landscaping. This machine makes it possible to lay drainage lines, cables or pipes in the ground by creating a narrow trench.

The GM 1800 P is equipped with a special plow that enables efficient and precise laying of pipes or lines. The plow is capable of breaking up the soil and creating narrow slots into which the pipe or conduit can be inserted. By using the plow, the soil can be worked and the lines or pipes can be laid at the same time.

The machine is also equipped with hydraulic control, which allows to precisely adjust the plowing angle. This allows the machine to be adapted to the specific requirements of the project and ensures precise trenching.

The GM 1800 P is also equipped with a protection system that prevents the plow from penetrating too deep into the soil and getting damaged. This reduces operating costs and extends the service life of the machine.

The machine is easy to operate and has a user-friendly control panel that allows quick and easy control of the machine. The machine is also easy to maintain and repair, which extends its service life and reduces operating costs.

Overall, the GM 1800 P is an effective and reliable machine for landscaping. The plow technology enables fast and efficient laying of pipes or lines and allows to work the soil at the same time. The machine is robust, durable and easy to operate and maintain.

Practical pictures of the GM 1800 P trencher in various applications.

Video GM 1800 P

Data sheet GM 1800 P

Milling width: max. 150 mm
Milling depth: max. 1800 mm
Motor: Deutz TCD 2015 6-cylinder turbo diesel water-cooled 294.2KW/400HP
Traction drive: 2X Tandem variable displacement pump Linde
Working/ Transport speed: Variable 0-6 Km/H
Steering: hydraulic
Electrical system: 24V
Hydraulic system: Control panel
Tyre undercarriage crawler undercarriage: B60 oil lubricated steel chain with 800 mm 3+1 web plates
Standard equipment: - chassis standard 2700 mm( optional hydr. extendable up to 4000 mm)
- hydr. laterally adjustable ploughshare
- hydr. swivelling and extendable cabin
- hydrostatic caterpillar drive with Joy-Stick control system
- cab with heating, air conditioning and sliding roof (optional= air suspension)
-reel (drain pipes)
- self-levelling vehicle cab
Weight: 30000 Kg
Length: 10260 mm
Width: 2982 mm
Height: 3446 mm

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With the trencher GM 1800 P drainage work can be done very well

Drainage works are of paramount importance in both house construction and agriculture. Rainwater and other moisture must be reliably drained to prevent long-term damage. Drainage pipes perform well in this regard. In order for them to absorb and drain the emerging water well, they must be laid underground. This task is performed by high-quality drainage machines such as the GM 1800 P trencher from Trenchmeister. Numerous companies are already convinced of the reliability and efficiency of a trencher for drainage.

Using the GM 1800 P trencher for drainage work

The GM 1800 P trencher has already proven itself in numerous drainage jobs. The trencher for drainage reaches a plowing depth of up to 1,800 millimeters, creating deep, clean and precise trenches. However, it is more than just a drainage machine and is therefore also suitable for laying cables or gas and water pipes for landscaping. The machine benefits from its 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine, which generates 400 hp or 294.2 kW and thus provides plenty of power and performance. It takes only a very short time with such drainage machines to mill a large number of trenches or a very long trench.

A strength of such drainage machines is their hydraulic steering. Thanks to this, drainage work can be carried out very flexibly and adapted to the respective soil and environmental conditions. The caterpillar track of the drainage machines proves to be extremely helpful here. This operates with a fully hydrostatic travel drive, which ensures the greatest possible flexibility in use. This enables the machine operators to adjust the track width of the trencher for drainage from 2.70 to 4 meters during operation.

Possible equipment features of a trencher for drainages

Drainage machines such as the GM 1800 P trencher usually have a hydraulic system where all functions can be controlled from the control panel. The standard chassis is 2,700 millimeters, but this can be extended hydraulically up to 4,000 millimeters on request. Likewise, a laser system can be used to adjust the depth. In addition, the equipment includes a cable drum receptacle and GPS control with recording. The caterpillar drive is controlled via a joystick. It is recommended to select the equipment of the trencher for drainage so that it fits the particular project and soil. For example, a side-shifted plowshare can be used as needed. The better the drainage machines are tailored to their field of application, the faster and more efficient the work will be. Very convenient for drainage work is also the fact that the working and transport speed of the trencher for drainage can be variably adjusted between 0-5 km/h.

The use of the trencher GM 1800 P

Before using a trencher for drainage, it should be remembered that the GM 1800 P trencher has a dead weight of 30,000 kg. The area of operation must be suitable for such a heavy device. The equipment used plays a role here. Indeed, if additional elements are used together with the drainage machines, their weight again increases significantly. Likewise, when choosing the appropriate trencher, the plowing depth is crucial. This is one of the factors that determine whether a milling machine is suitable for a particular project.

A trencher for drainage is used in a wide variety of weather conditions. It is therefore pleasant that the comfort cabin has both a heating and air conditioning system. In this way, machine operators always work in the most pleasant conditions possible and can concentrate fully on their task. On request, it is possible to equip the cabin with air suspension or a particularly wide window front. The GM 1800 P trencher is also one of the drainage machines suitable for drainage pipes with a diameter of 50-160 millimeters.

The advantages of the GM 1800 P trenchers for landscaping

The GM 1800 P trenchers offer numerous advantages for landscaping:

  • Efficient trenchers: GM 1800 P trenchers are very efficient and can quickly and easily cut trenches in the ground to lay pipes, cables or drainage. This can save time and money as less labor is needed to dig trenches manually.
  • Precise results: The GM 1800 P trenchers are very precise and can cut trenches up to 80 cm deep, ensuring a precise and clean result. This also minimizes the risk of damage to existing pipes or cables.
  • Flexibility: The GM 1800 P trenchers are very flexible and can be used in different soil types and terrain situations. Even difficult soil conditions such as rocky soils can be worked with the GM 1800 P.
  • Easy to operate: GM 1800 P trenchers are easy to operate and require no special knowledge or skills. Maintenance and servicing of the equipment is also simple and cost-effective.
  • Environmentally friendly: GM 1800 P trenchers are environmentally friendly and produce less noise and emissions than other trenchers or
  • manual excavation methods: This reduces the environmental impact and protects the health of workers and local residents.

Overall, the GM 1800 P trenchers offer an efficient, precise, flexible, simple and environmentally friendly solution for landscaping.

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