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GM 300 HF – Trencher for deep milling work

Trencher GM 300 HF for deep milling work

The GM 300 HF trencher from Lingener Baumaschinen is a powerful machine specially designed for deep milling work. It is ideal for use in the installation of power and gas lines, water pipes, telecommunications lines and other utility lines that need to be laid at greater depths.

The GM 300 HF is equipped with a powerful motor and hydraulic drive that allow it to work in very hard soils. It can mill to a depth of 3 meters, making it ideal for use in the civil engineering industry.

Another feature of the GM 300 HF is its automatic level compensation, which ensures precise alignment and depth adjustment of the milling cutter. This ensures a uniform milling depth and width, resulting in a better quality of the trench.

The machine is also available with a variety of options and accessories, including different cutter sizes, laser leveling and a radio remote control to give operators even more control and flexibility.

In summary, the GM 300 HF is a powerful and reliable trencher optimized for deep milling operations in the civil engineering industry. With its powerful engine, hydraulic drive and automatic level compensation, it can work even in very hard soils and mill deep trenches. Its flexibility and many options make it a versatile choice for jobsite use.

Complete heavy milling work effortlessly with the GM 300-HF deep milling machine

For large projects that require a considerable working depth, a depth milling machine is particularly suitable. This creates deep and wide trenches, which are characterized by their cleanliness and precision. The GM 300-HF trencher is particularly efficient. This deep milling machine is connected to a tractor by means of a three-point linkage and in the shortest possible time it effortlessly performs work for which people would have to invest a great deal of time and energy. Many industrial companies swear by this trencher with its high-quality milling chains.

Practical pictures of the GM 300-HF trencher in various applications.

Video GM 300-HF

Data sheet GM 300-HF

Milling width: 150 - 600 mm
Milling depth: max. 2000 mm
Traction drive:
Working/ Transport speed:
Milling chain drive: Hydraulic via PTO
Electrical system:
Hydraulic system:
Tyre undercarriage crawler undercarriage:
Additional equipment:
Milling beam depth:
Chain width:
Weight: 10000 KG
Lenght: 3000 mm
Wide: 2500 mm
Height: 3100 mm
Work quickly and efficiently with the GM 300-HF depth milling machine

The GM 300-HF trencher is a depth milling machine that is particularly suitable for demanding and complex milling work. Within a very short time, long trenches with a depth of 600-1,700 millimeters and widths of 150-600 millimeters can be created with this device. Even large pipes can be buried in this way without much effort. The high efficiency of the milling machine is due, among other things, to its hydraulic caterpillar drive. The 6-cylinder turbo diesel delivers 145 kW or 195 hp and is thus very powerful.

Flexible cutter chains for the respective soil and condition

Another strength of the GM 300-HF trencher is its milling chains. In fact, it is so flexible that it can work with very different chains. In this way, it is possible to individually adapt the implement to the respective floor and the condition of the workplace. It is important to use a tractor with three-point linkage and large strength. Only then can the depth milling machine be attached to it and used effortlessly. After all, its dead weight of 16,000 kg is already very considerable.

Important facts about the GM 300-HF depth milling machine

The cross slope of the milling beam can be individually adjusted on the GM 300-HF trencher. It is also possible to use the milling beam hydraulically offset to the side. Up to 60 cm above the outer edge of the machine is possible. The cab, which can be swiveled hydraulically, provides additional flexibility. This means that the working radius can be adjusted and the milling work is particularly easy. The hydraulic caterpillar drive allows good locomotion on various surfaces and provides stability and steadiness during work. If desired, it is possible to use quick-change adapter rubber plates with the device.

Use of the deep milling machine with the hydraulic conveyor belt

Very convenient when using the deep milling machine is the hydraulic conveyor belt. This applies regardless of which milling chains the machine is equipped with. With this conveyor, the excavated material is deposited at the right or left side of the trench as desired and can be easily used again for backfilling after laying the pipe or other work. Many companies also swear by a loading conveyor, which allows front loading onto a truck. Such a belt can be optionally purchased with the depth milling machine.

Extending the GM 300-HF depth milling machine individually

Even in its standard version, the GM 300-HF trencher offers a lot of power and can be used flexibly. In some cases, however, it is necessary to adapt the device to one’s own needs or to the conditions in a construction project. There are a large number of optional accessories for this. For example, there is a possibility to choose a cabin with heating and air conditioning. In this case, the milling machine can be used in almost all weather conditions. For maximum efficiency, it must be ensured that the milling machine is reliably connected to the tractor via the tractor’s three-point linkage.

Another option is to use a backfill auger or dozer blade. These facilitate the use of the GM 300-HF trencher enormously. The cable drum holder and the laser system for depth adjustment also prove to be extremely helpful in everyday work. Last but not least, various milling chains as well as reels for drain pipes are available for selection with which the deep milling machine can be equipped. With the right selection of accessories, the milling machine adapts to the working environment in the best possible way and thus provides excellent services.

The advantages of the trencher GM 300 HF for deep milling work

The GM 300 HF trencher is a powerful machine designed for deep milling operations. Here are some advantages that this machine offers for such work:

  • High performance: The GM 300 HF has a powerful motor designed for a high milling depth. This means that the machine can work quickly and effectively even in difficult ground conditions.
  • Ease of use: The machine is simple to operate and requires minimal training. This makes them ideal for use on construction sites where time and personnel are limited.
  • Precise milling: The GM 300 HF is equipped with a precise milling mechanism that ensures uniform milling depth and width. This is particularly important to ensure that the trench is fit for purpose.
  • Robust design: The machine is robustly built and can be used even in difficult conditions. This makes them ideal for use on construction sites, where the machines often have to work hard.
  • Versatility: The GM 300 HF can be used for a wide range of milling jobs, including laying cables, pipes and drainage. This makes it a versatile machine that can be used for various tasks.

Overall, the GM 300 HF trencher offers many advantages for deep milling operations. Their high performance, ease of use, precise milling, robust design and versatility make them one of the best options on the market.

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