Sports field construction with trenchers

In sports field construction, trenchers are the optimal option, especially when preparing the subsoil. Here are some ways you can use a trencher:

  1. Trenching: a trencher can be used to break up and loosen the soil to allow for better drainage and aeration. This is especially important if the soil is too hard or compacted for the lawn to grow.
  2. Deep milling: If you want to build a sports field with artificial turf, you may need to mill the soil deep enough to make room for the substructure. A trencher can be used to mill the soil to the required depth.
  3. Cable and pipe laying: If you need to lay cables or pipes for lighting, irrigation or other purposes, a trencher can help dig trenches quickly and efficiently.
  4. Drainage ditches: a trencher can be used to dig drainage ditches that help divert water away from the surface of the sports field.

However, it is important to note that trenchers are dangerous tools and should only be operated by trained and experienced professionals. You should always read the machine’s operating instructions and wear the necessary protective equipment to avoid injury and successfully complete sports field construction.

The production of sports fields with trenchers offers many advantages over manual methods. Here are some advantages of using trenchers for making sports fields:

  1. Speed: Trenchers can make drainage ditches quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.
  2. Precision: The adjustment of the trencher allows to precisely control the depth and width of the drainage trench, which is important for effective drainage, which is essential in a sports field.
  3. Uniform depth: trenchers can produce a uniform depth trench, which is important for effective drainage.
  4. Flexibility: Trenchers can be used in a variety of soil types, making them a versatile option for making drainage ditches in sports field construction.
  5. Less physical effort: The use of trenchers reduces the physical effort required to manually dig drainage ditches, resulting in a lower risk of injury.
  6. Less Damage: Using trenchers minimizes damage to the surrounding landscape and therefore does as little damage as possible to the sports field turf.
  7. Reusable material: The material excavated by the trencher can be reused for other purposes, reducing waste.

Overall, using trenchers to create drainage ditches for the sports field provides a fast, efficient and accurate method of creating a uniform and deep trench for effective drainage.