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GM 1 4WD trencher for cable laying

Trencher GM 1 4WD for cable laying

Trencher for cable laying – Efficient tool for fast and precise installation

The laying of cables plays a crucial role in the communications and electrical industries. An efficient method that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of trenchers. These specialized tools allow fast and precise cable laying. In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the benefits and features of a trencher for cable installation and why it’s an important tool in the industry.

  1. Efficient laying technique: The trencher offers an efficient and time-saving method of laying cables. With their special design and milling tools, they can effortlessly penetrate the ground and mill trenches with high precision and speed. Compared to traditional digging methods, such as manual trenching, the trencher saves significant time and reduces labor costs.

  2. Precise control of the laying depth: One of the outstanding functions of a trencher is the precise control of the laying depth when laying cables. With adjustable milling tools and hydraulic functions, operators can mill the trench to exact specifications. This ensures precise placement of the cable and minimizes the need for rework.

  3. Versatile applications: Trenchers are extremely versatile tools and can be used for various types of cable laying. Whether it’s power cables, communication cables or fiber optic cables, the trencher can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the project. This makes it a flexible tool for different industries and applications.

  4. Minimal surface disturbance: Compared to other trenching methods of cable laying, the trencher leaves minimal surface disturbance. The ground is milled precisely without having to move large masses of earth. This facilitates the restoration of the surface and reduces the interference with the surrounding environment, which is particularly beneficial in urban areas.

  5. Cost efficiency: Due to its efficiency and precise control, the trencher enables significant time and cost savings in cable laying. Rapid completion of trenches reduces job site time and increases productivity. In addition, the low need for rework minimizes material and labor costs.

Conclusion: trenchers for special work is an indispensable tool for efficient and precise cable laying. With their efficient installation technology, precise control of the installation depth and versatile application possibilities, they offer numerous advantages for the industry. By using trenchers, companies can optimize their cable-laying projects, reduce costs and achieve high-quality results. Take advantage of the trencher and speed up your cable laying for an efficient and reliable communication and electrical infrastructure.

Practical pictures trencher GM 1 Allrad in various applications.

Video GM 1 All Wheel Drive

Data sheet GM 1 All Wheel

Fräsbreite: 70-300 mm
Frästiefe: 300-1200 mm
Motor: Lombardini Diesel 3 Zyl. LDW1503 wassergekühlt 23KW/31,5 PS
Fahrantrieb: 4x Poclain Radantrieb stufenlos regelbar
Arbeits-/ Transportgeschwindigkeit: 0-12 Km/H
Fräskettenantrieb: mech. über Kraftband
Lenkung: hydr. über Lenkrad
Elektrische Anlage: 12V
Hydraulische Anlage: - Tandemregelpumpe Rexroth
- Bedienpult
- zusätzlich hydr. über Zahnradpumpe
Reifenfahrwerk-Raupenfahrwerk: 26x12.00-12 Terra
Standardausrüstung: -Standardförderband hydr. (250x1000 mm) -vertikalverstell. hydr. 10 Grad -Allradantrieb (Stufenlos)
Fräsbalkentiefe: 600, 850, 1100 mm
Kettenbreite: 70, 120, 150, 200, 250 und 300 mm
Gewicht: 1960 KG
Länge: 4100 mm
Breite: 1600 mm
Höhe: 2400 mm

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Trenching for cable laying

Digging trenches for laying cables is often fraught with pitfalls, requires professional equipment and careful preparation. Trenchers from LIBA with their jerk-free drive cut clean and dead-straight trenches for cable laying every time. Regardless of the soil conditions, the milling machines are in full operation. If wet clay, stones or debris make the milling work difficult, the chain run is briefly changed between reverse and forward and the trenchers for cable laying run freely again. The low center of gravity of the milling machines guarantees safe standing even in uneven positions. If a tree stump should ever appear on the path, this will not stop the cable laying. The robustly crafted head is equipped with sufficient ground clearance for the crossing.

Cable laying with trenchers – save time and money

GM 1 All-Wheel Drive Series trenchers are diesel-powered and self-propelled all-wheel drive trenchers. They have a low dead weight and thus guarantee a low floor load. The tilt device can easily compensate for lateral slopes of up to 15 degrees. The operator platform of the trenchers can be swiveled. The excavation is ejected either on the right or on the left, which is during cable laying. However, thanks to the conveyor belt that can be inserted on both sides, the excavated material can also be loaded directly. Due to the additional backfill hopper, milling and backfilling with gravel is realized with only one working step. Additional accessories enable direct cable and pipe feeding of the GM 1 all-wheel trenchers. In addition, the all-wheel milling machines can also be equipped with twin tires. The self-propelled machine can easily cut trenches even in firm soil types. These trenchers are indispensable tools for laying cables.

Minimal damage at maximum utilization

The extremely environmentally friendly alternative to the excavator guarantees maximum workload for cable laying without major disruptions as defined by the Nature Conservation Act. A central focus of activity in construction is the laying of cables in various designs. The services of the all-rounder include not only the construction of cable trenches, but also environmentally friendly excavation of the soil. The individual equipment of our trenchers is available on request.

You benefit from many years of experience and professional expertise

Our devices are characterized by high functionality and reliability in the cable laying. They have already proven themselves in many applications and on numerous projects and are used by a large number of companies. In addition, we offer you over 50 years of experience, which is reflected in the technical sophistication and professionalism of our trenchers.

Advantages of the trencher GM 1 4WD for cable laying

The trencher GM 1 4WD offers some advantages for cable laying, such as:

  • Efficient and precise cable laying: With the trencher you can cut precise and clean trenches for cable laying. This saves time and energy compared to manual excavation.
  • All-wheel drive: The GM 1 4WD’s all-wheel drive ensures optimum traction even on difficult terrain, which increases working speed and improves working conditions.
  • Easy operation: The operation of the GM 1 4WD is simple and intuitive, which facilitates work processes and increases safety.
  • Versatility: The trencher is suitable for various soil types and can also be used for other applications such as drainage and irrigation.
  • Cost efficiency: Using the GM 1 4WD can save you time and labor costs, which can have a positive impact on your project costs.

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