Trencher Fastfinder

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Just as important as the right trencher are the right extras. To help you with this, you will find a description of all our extras that you can purchase with your milling machine. We will be happy to discuss with you whether and how the extras can be used with your machine.


A reel is used to hold pipes, mainly in the draining area or for empty pipes. To be able to use the reel, the pipes to be laid must not be too stiff and heavy. The reel itself rotates during milling and works like a spool. It can also be folded hydraulically, making it easier to load the pipe.

Laying shaft

The installation shaft is used for laying pipes and cables directly in the trench. As the cable is inserted directly behind the shaft, the cable can be positioned neatly even if the floor collapses quickly. The shaft can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes.


The laser for height regulation is mainly used for drainage. The laser receiver, which is located on the front of the milling beam where the arrows point, recognizes the previously set height. These signals are then processed and ensure that the milling beam automatically maintains its height. If, as with drainage, a constant gradient has to be milled, it is almost impossible without a laser.


A funnel is used to fill trenches directly after the cable has been pulled in. Gravel, topsoil or other material can be unloaded directly over the laid pipe and compacts the soil in one go. A funnel is very popular for drainage and sports field work.

Laying rolls

Laying rollers help to transport cables and pipes over the machine into the trench or lay them in a laying shaft. The rollers are particularly advantageous for somewhat stiffer cables or pipes.

Conveyor belt

An upright conveyor belt with a length of 125 cm is included with almost every machine. However, there are also longer, special conveyor belts. either 300 or 400 cm long. As you can see in the picture, these helped to load the excavated material directly onto a trailer. This keeps the edge next to the trench nice and clean.


A cabin can also be ordered for some models. You can then configure these according to your wishes. Air conditioning, heating or even a radio are popular choices. Such cabins are particularly advantageous on hot, dusty or cold construction sites. Especially for the health and safety of the operator.


The hydraulic auger is useful for transporting the excavated material to and from the trench. You can lower the auger hydraulically to the ground and then rotate it in the required direction so that the excavated material is either transported into the trench or away from it.

Is the right extra not included? No problem! As we manufacture all machines and extras on site, we can cater to your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us at or by calling (+49) 591 76314. We look forward to your inquiry.