GM 140 AFH 600 H

Revolutionary flexibility with the new GM 140 AFH 600 H trencher and the innovative power kit

A trencher that can be mounted on both an excavator and a tractor? This advanced solution has now become a reality thanks to our latest development, the GM 140 AFH 600 H, combined with the ground-breaking Powerkit. This machine, which has already been one of the best-selling in its segment for years, now opens up even more possibilities for use in different areas. Let’s take a closer look at the technology and possible applications.

Essentially, it is a special gearbox that is driven via a PTO shaft and is therefore perfect for mounting on a tractor. This gearbox provides the hydraulic power required to drive the machine. Switching from the excavator tiller to the tractor tiller takes no time at all and requires minimal effort. The Powerkit maximises the machine’s flexibility without the user having to choose between hydraulic or mechanical drive.

Technical details of the Powerkit

The technology behind the Powerkit is a clever intermediate circuit between the PTO shaft and the machine’s hydraulic drive. Thanks to the simple installation of the Powerkit, the trencher can be effortlessly converted from use on the excavator to the tractor.

Requirements for optimum use

Of course, the GM 140 AFH 600 H still places high demands on the tractor. To ensure that the machine works efficiently and the tractor is not overloaded, the tractor should have a dead weight of around 10 tonnes. The PTO shaft should be able to rotate at 1000 rpm. Detailed requirements for the excavator attachment can be found here.

The Powerkit: A simple change for maximum flexibility

The Powerkit is the innovation that makes it possible to connect the GM 140 AFH 600 H to both an excavator and a tractor. The technology behind the Powerkit is amazingly simple, which makes it particularly user-friendly in everyday use. The challenge was to create a machine that could be driven both hydraulically by an excavator and mechanically via a PTO shaft. This dilemma was successfully solved by the Powerkit.

Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

If you are interested in the GM 140 AFH 600 H in combination with the Powerkit, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website or send an e-mail to Whether you already own the machine and only need the power kit or would like to purchase a fully equipped machine, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer. Flexibility and efficiency are our top priorities.

  • Prerequisite -carrier equipment: Carrier: Tractor from approx. 10 tonnes
  • Standard equipment: standard conveyor belt, slewing ring hydr.
  • Milling beam depth: – 600, 850, 1200 and 1500 mm (laterally adjustable)
  • Chain widths: 1 beam- 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 & 400 mm
  • Chain widths: 2 beams- 500 and 600 mm (width =both beams (75 mm Tlg.)
  • Carbon chisel chains
  • Mixing chains (chisels and knives)
  • Sole scraper with sole plate, which mechanically/automatically adjusts to the respective milling depth
  • Loading conveyor 3000 mm for direct loading
  • Laser system manual or automatic
  • Pipe laying shaft and various cable reel holders

  • Drive: hydraulic via
    Radial piston motor
  • Weight: 3.500 kg
  • Length: 3.400 mm
  • Width: 1.900 mm
  • Height: 1.800 mm

(Weight and dimensions are dependent
from the respective equipment)