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2. new cable laying fiber optic cable

For laying fiber optic cables – the powerful and robust GM 1 all-wheel trencher from LIBA.

Cultivation plow – laying of fiber optic cables – When underground cables, such as fiber optic cables, are to be laid, or trenches are to be dug for irrigation systems or drainage, LIBA
cable laying
LIBA trenchers have proven to be the ideal tools for laying fiber optic cables, as in civil engineering or pipeline construction.

become indispensable helpers due to special factors that can fully convince. These mainly include such criteria as an immensely reliable design, a convenient-to-use control system, and its all-terrain and robust crawler drive.

In principle, anyone can get to grips with the handy and robust GM 1 Allrad straight away, as it has clearly laid out controls that make it much easier to get to grips with. In fact, for LIBA
cable laying
of fiber optic cable, in principle, there is no other option.

Cable laying of fiber optic cable in civil engineering also with mounted plow

A suitable device is required for the professional digging of trenches for the
cable laying
Fiber optic cable
without question an important criterion. Nevertheless, attention must also be paid to accurate preparation of the work to be done.

it’s child’s play to cut straight and clean trenches for cable
trenches for cable laying
of fiber optic cables into the subsoil, because they do their work with their smooth drive completely without jerking. The milling machines can always be used at maximum power, regardless of the consistency of the soil.

Laying of fiber optic cable in civil engineeringSometimes the milling work is affected as a result of wet clay, stones or debris. The
Fiber optic cable laying
think along in such a situation by briefly changing the direction of the chain run from forward to backward. Afterwards, the work can be continued again without any interruptions.

The tillers all have a relatively low center of gravity throughout, which ensures a secure footing even on uneven terrain. Every now and then a Wuzel hides in the ground or there is a tree stump in the way. But even through such obstacles, the Cable laying of fiber optic cable has not really stopped. To ensure effortless traversing here, the stable milling unit is equipped with a sufficiently large ground clearance.

Laying fiber optic cable in line construction – save time and money on a cable trench for fiber optics – with LIBA trenchers.

Mounted plow
Attachment plow trenchers for special work

GM 1 all-wheel drive series are equipped with a powerful diesel engine and perform their work as self-propelled all-wheel drive trenchers. Moreover, thanks to their low weight, there is only a small load on the soil.

Extremely rarely is a terrain completely flat. That is why the milling machine has a tilt device, which makes it easy to compensate for a lateral slope of up to about 15 degrees. The excavated soil is ejected either to the right or to the left. It goes without saying that the operating platform of the trenchers can be swiveled. The conveyor belt can be mounted on both sides. This allows the excavated soil to be transported away immediately.

Milling and subsequent backfilling of gravel with the extra backfill hopper are accomplished in just a single operation. The extent to which the GM 1 all-wheel trenchers are true all-rounders is also shown by the fact that, thanks to other helpful accessories, they enable immediate cable and pipe pulling in following the excavation of the trench. Of course, there is also the option of fitting twin tires on all all-wheel milling machines if required.

On the other hand, what about an exceptionally hard floor? Is it possible to dig trenches without much trouble even in such a case? In short, “Yes, it is possible!” This is definitely not an obstacle for the self-propelled machine. For professional cable laying, LIBA trenchers prove to be extremely useful helpers, which faithfully do their job at all times.

Laying fiber optic cables in civil engineering – optimum efficiency with minimum disruption

The environmentally friendly alternative to the excavator are trenchers, because they provide the best workload for cable laying without serious damage in terms of nature conservation.

There are diverse versions of cable laying, on which, in each case, during construction work must be focused. A carefully thought-out project definitely includes the professional production of cable trenches.

Laying fiber optic cable – what counts?

A decisive factor is also that both any adverse effects and the environmental impact of excavating the subsoil are reduced to an absolute minimum. You can get the relevant documents from us at any time upon request if you want more details regarding our trenchers.

Continuously cutting straight and clean trenches in the ground for laying fiber optic cables; that is the challenge that LIBA trenchers with their smooth, steady drive have to meet time and again.

The advantages:

Whether the soil is soft or hard is irrelevant here, because the milling machines can cope with any subsoil even at maximum power.

The trenchers for laying fiber optic cables think along in such a situation by briefly changing the direction of the chain run from forward to reverse.

Fiber optic cable trenching – save time and money on a cable trench for fiber optics – with LIBA trenchers – Fast and Efficient!

The GM 1 All-Wheel Drive Series trenchers are self-propelled, diesel-powered, all-wheel drive trenchers, including a tilting operator platform.

LIBA trenchers are absolutely tried and tested and prove themselves every day as practical equipment for the professional laying of fiber optic cables.

Trenchers- the environmentally friendly alternative to excavators, as they ensure the highest possible workload when laying fiber optic cables.

There are several variants of cable laying, to each of which the main attention must be paid during the construction activity.

A carefully planned project undoubtedly includes the professional milling of cable trenches. For cable laying the optimal tools.

As far as economy and speed are concerned, in principle no one can get past our trenchers as far as trenching is concerned.

Absolute precision is the be-all and end-all when digging trenches. We will be happy to support you with our know-how when selecting the appropriate machine.

Ideal for rapid laying of fiber optic cables – GM 1 all-wheel trenchers from LIBA, which absolutely convince with their durability and performance.

Laying underground cables such as fiber optic cables or digging trenches for irrigation systems or drainage, LIBA trenching.

If a specific undertaking in the field of earthworks is to be realized, LIBA trenchers for laying fiber optic cables are the ideal working tools.

LIBA trenchers cut straight and clean trenches for cable laying in the subsoil. For the laying of fiber optic cable the optimal tools.

LIBA trenchers are absolutely tried and tested and prove themselves every day as practical equipment for the professional laying of fiber optic cables.

  • Self propelled trenchers
  • In terms of speed and cost-effectiveness, our trenchers are basically unrivaled when it comes to making trenches at various depths.
  • Attachment trencher
  • If absolute precision and high efficiency are expected, there is really no getting around the GM 160 AS trencher with auger. The GM 160 AS trencher is mostly used as a mounted trencher for Unimog.
  • Special milling
  • If a particularly deep trench needs to be milled, this task is handled by our deep trencher with a working depth of 180 cm, which is attached to the tractor’s three-point hitch.
  • Trenching for laying fiber optics
  • If trenches are to be laid out neatly, absolute precision is essential. Not sure which machine is right for you? We will be happy to support you in your selection with our expertise and many years of experience.
  • Trencher rental
  • Buying your own milling machine does not always pay off. Mainly in the area of ride-on trenchers for normal to heavy soil, there is also the option to rent various models.
  • Accessories for trenchers
  • To make your project a complete success, we perfectly equip your devices with the appropriate accessories.

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Since 1964, trenchers have been manufactured and sold in the “LIBA-Lingener Baumaschinen” factory under the name “Grabenmeister”.

In a small production hall were the beginnings of the trencher production, which were already sold worldwide at that time and have long proven themselves in the clientele. Continuous development in line with current practical requirements and advanced technology are the basis of our good reputation.

You can purchase our “Trenchmeister” trenchers as self-propelled, excavator-mounted or tractor-mounted trenchers and use them in the following areas in addition to laying fiber optic cable:

  • Sports field construction
  • Sports field drainage
  • Golf course drainage
  • Civil Engineering
  • Cable construction
  • Lightning protection
  • Track construction
  • Fiberglass construction

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