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GM 160 AF

The GM 160 AF trencher offers high efficiency and precision

The GM 160 AF trencher is a mounted trencher for Unimog. It is designed for tractors with three-point linkage and can be easily mounted on the rear of the tractor. With a weight of 2,800 kg, this trencher is comparatively light and can therefore be used with a wide range of tractors. Especially when laying drainage pipes, such a machine proves to be very useful and facilitates the work of users.

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The GM 160 AF trencher is characterized by its high accuracy

Precision is particularly important when milling trenches. Trenches must be cut as cleanly and accurately as possible to easily accommodate a drainage pipe. That is why a high-quality mounted tiller for Unimog is important. This is capable of milling both large trenches and many small trenches in a very short time.

Therefore, such machines are used both in private house construction and on professional construction sites. The GM 160 AF trencher has already proven itself in various construction projects and impresses with its strength and reliability.

The attachment tiller for Unimog achieves its high precision, among other things, due to the carbon chisel chains and mixing chains used. The chain widths vary between 150-450 millimeters and are characterized by excellent workmanship and high stability.

The milling beam depth is 1,250 or 1,600 millimeters. The sole scraper with sole plate, which can be adjusted mechanically or automatically to the respective milling depth, is another very useful tool. If required, a loading conveyor with a depth of 3,000 millimeters can be used for direct loading.

A mounted trencher for Unimog performs these tasks

An attachment cutter for Unimog is particularly suitable for laying cables, pipes and drainage pipes. They therefore play a crucial role in house and road construction, but are also used in agriculture. Here, for example, drainage pipes are laid in fields to prevent backwater and resulting damage.

Thanks to the trenches cleanly cut by the GM 160 AF trencher, the corresponding pipes can be easily inserted into the ground. The excavated material is laid with a loading belt that later backfilling is not a problem.

Depending on requirements, a milling rod depth of 1,250 millimeters or 1,600 millimeters is available. The bars can be used laterally offset, which noticeably facilitates work on obstacles. In addition, various track gauges from 150 to 450 millimeters can be used.

This provides the greatest possible degree of customization, so that the attachment tiller for Unimog can be used for numerous projects and for different substrates. A laser system for manual or automatic depth adjustment further contributes to this flexibility.

Important requirements for the use of a mounted trencher for Unimog

In order to use the GM 160 AF trencher, it is important to have a tractor with a three-point linkage at the rear. Such tractors can work with different types of gearboxes.

The cultivator for the Unimog can work both with a hydrostatic drive and with a super creeper. In addition, before selecting it is necessary to decide how to drive the cultivator for the Unimog. For example, a PTO or hydraulic motor can be selected.

Individual adjustments are possible at any time with the GM 160 AF trencher. However, it should be noted that an increase in accessories is always accompanied by an increase in the weight of the tiller for the Unimog. For example, the pipe laying shaft is a very popular accessory.

This makes laying drainage pipes in the ground child’s play. When selecting a machine, the intended use of the machine should always be kept in mind in order to select and use the appropriate equipment.

Individual equipment on request!

Equipment variants   

  • Prerequisite -carrying device: tractor/Unimog hydrostatic or supercreep gear transmission
  • Standard equipment: standard conveyor belt
  • Milling beam depth: – 1250 and 1600 mm (laterally adjustable)
  • Chain widths: – 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 400 and 450 mm (100 mm pcs).
  • Carbon chisel chains
  • Mixing chains (chisels and knives)
  • Sole scraper with sole plate, which mechanically/automatically adjusts to the respective milling depth
  • Loading conveyor 3000 mm for direct loading
  • Laser system manual or automatic
  • Pipe laying shaft and receptacle for pipes                   
  • Drive: mech. via PTO (1000 rpm) or optional hydr. Motor

Technical data:  

  • Weight: 2.800 kg
  • Length: 4.600 mm
  • Width: 2.000 mm
  • Height: 2.000 mm

(Weight and dimensions depend on the respective equipment)