Self-propelled drainage plows from Lingener Baumaschinen

Lingener Baumaschinen also manufactures self-propelled drainage plows designed for fast and efficient laying of drainage pipes in agriculture or horticulture. Self-propelled drain plows are equipped with their own engine and undercarriage and can operate independently of a carrier vehicle.

Lingener Baumaschinen’s self-propelled drainage plows are equipped with special plow blades and devices that allow drainage pipes to be placed in the ground quickly and efficiently. They can be used in different soil types and conditions and are usually available with different types of plowshares to meet the requirements of different soil types.

The advantages of self-propelled drain plows include their mobility and flexibility. They can be quickly and easily deployed to multiple locations and require no additional equipment or devices. Self-propelled drain plows are also capable of working in difficult terrain or in areas where it is difficult to maneuver a carrier vehicle.

In addition, self-propelled drainage plows provide high performance and efficiency in laying drainage pipes. They are usually equipped with high-quality plowshares and other technologies that ensure fast and accurate work.

However, it is important to note that self-propelled drain plows are typically more expensive than mounted plows that can be attached to carrier vehicles. If you are considering a self-propelled drain plow, make sure it is suitable for your specific needs and that it is within your budget. A knowledgeable dealer or manufacturer can help you select the right self-propelled drain plow for your needs and help you maximize your investment.