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Trenchers are many times faster than any excavator when it comes to broadband expansion.

Broadband expansion is crucial in today’s world to ensure a fast and reliable Internet connection in rural areas. Laying cables and pipes is an important step in providing the necessary infrastructure. But the traditional method, which uses excavators, can be a lengthy process and take a lot of time. This is where trenchers from Lingener Baumaschinen come into play, because they are many times faster than any excavator.

Trenching for broadband expansion

Compared to excavators, trenchers are much more efficient and faster. They are specifically designed for the purpose of trenching and thus can do the job in a fraction of the time it takes an excavator. With a trencher from Lingener Baumaschinen, cables and pipes can be laid in the ground quickly and efficiently without the need for much ground movement.

Another important advantage of trenchers in broadband expansion is their accuracy. Unlike excavators, they can dig precise trenches and accurately control the depth and width. This means that the laying of cables and pipes is carried out with greater accuracy and therefore less material is wasted.

Lingener Baumaschinen trenchers are also extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of soil conditions. With their power, they can quickly dig through hard soil, rubble or even asphalt without the need for additional tools. This means that no additional steps are required to prepare the soil, which significantly reduces the working time.

What’s more, trenchers in Lingener Baumaschinen’s broadband expansion range are extremely mobile and can be transported quickly and easily from site to site. This means they can be deployed quickly and effectively on job sites without the need for additional resources.

In summary, trenchers from Lingener Baumaschinen are many times faster than any excavator when it comes to broadband expansion. With their efficiency, accuracy, versatility and mobility, they are the perfect choice for putting cables and pipes in the ground quickly and efficiently to drive broadband expansion in rural areas.