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What additional equipment is available for trenchers?

There are various types of auxiliary equipment that can be used on trenchers to increase efficiency and performance and make the job easier. Here are some of the most common add-on equipment for trenchers:

  1. Laser control systems: Laser control systems are used to align and control the trench at the desired depth and width. These systems use lasers to track the position of the trencher and automatically control the depth and width of the trench.
  2. Hydraulic breaker: Hydraulic breakers are used to break through hard soil layers and crush rocks. This can facilitate the work of building foundations or laying pipes.
  3. Cutting tools: Cutting tools are used to cut and break up the soil, which can be helpful in hard or compacted soils.
  4. Remote control: Remote controls are used to control the trencher from a distance, which can be helpful when the operator is in a dangerous environment or needs a better view of the work.
  5. Quick-change systems: Quick-change systems are used to switch quickly and easily between different attachments and tools.
  6. Dust extraction: Dust extractors are used to reduce the dust generated during digging, which can be particularly important in urban areas or near residential areas.

Choosing the right auxiliary equipment depends on the type of project for which the trencher is used and the specific requirements of the job site. Good advice from a competent dealer or manufacturer can help select the right additional equipment.