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Trencher GM 250-H - A deep trencher

Functions of a deep milling machine in civil engineering: Efficient tool for a wide range of tasks

Depth milling machines are indispensable tools in civil engineering that perform a wide range of functions. With their rugged construction and precise performance, they help contractors perform a variety of tasks efficiently. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the functions of a deep router in civil engineering and explain why they are an important tool in the construction industry.


  1. Tillage: One of the main functions of a deep tiller is tillage. It allows milling of soils at different depths and enables precise preparation of the subsoil for various construction projects. The deep tiller loosens the soil, removes stones, roots and other obstacles and creates a level surface for further construction.

  2. Cable line laying: Depth milling machines play a decisive role in the laying of cable lines in civil engineering. You can cut trenches with the required width and depth to safely lay cables. This method is more efficient and faster than traditional manual digging and allows precise control over the laying depth and alignment of the cable line.

  3. Drainage work: For dewatering work in civil engineering, deep milling machines also offer valuable functions. They can mill trenches to the required depth and slope to ensure efficient drainage of the site. This is especially important to reduce the risk of flooding and create a safe environment.

  4. Preparation of foundations: Before a foundation is poured, precise preparation of the subsoil is essential. Deep cutters allow trenches to be cut to the required depth and width to make room for the foundation. Precise control of the milling depth allows contractors to meet the specific requirements of the foundation and create a solid base for further construction.

  5. Versatility: One of the outstanding features of deep milling machines is their versatility. They can be equipped with various milling tools and accessories to adapt to the specific requirements of the job site. From soil preparation to cable laying and drainage work, deep milling machines offer a wide range of functions to meet the needs of civil engineering.

Conclusion: Deep milling machines are indispensable tools in civil engineering that fulfill a wide range of functions. With their ability to till soil, lay cable lines, prepare drainage and prepare foundations, they are extremely versatile. By investing in high-quality deep milling machines, contractors can increase efficiency, reduce costs and achieve high-quality results. Use the features of a deep milling machine in civil engineering and optimize your construction projects for maximum productivity and performance.

Practical pictures trencher GM 250 H in various applications.

Video GM 250 H

Data sheet GM 250 H

Milling width: 70-450 mm
Milling depth: 300-2500 mm
Traction drive: Hydr. caterpillar drive
Working/ Transport speed: 0-6 km/h
Milling chain drive:
Electrical system:
Hydraulic system:
Tire undercarriage crawler:
Standard equipment:
Milling beam depth:
Chain width:
Weight: 6000 KG
Length: 2500 mm
Width: 2400 mm
Height: 3000 mm

The GM 250-H deep milling machine from Lingener Baumaschinen is a deep milling machine specially designed for use in the civil engineering industry. It is capable of cutting very deep trenches, which makes it ideal for use when laying power cables, gas lines or other utility lines.

The GM 250-H is equipped with a powerful engine and hydraulic drive, which allow it to work even in very hard soils. The machine is also equipped with automatic level compensation, which ensures precise alignment and depth adjustment of the cutter.

Another feature of the GM 250-H is its small footprint. The machine is compact and maneuverable, which allows it to work in confined work areas. It is also easy to transport, allowing for quick and efficient setup on the jobsite.

The deep router is also available with a variety of options and accessories, including different cutter sizes, laser leveling and a radio remote control to give operators even more control and flexibility.

In summary, the GM 250-H is a powerful and versatile deep milling machine optimized for use in the civil engineering industry. With its powerful engine, hydraulic drive and automatic level compensation, it can work even in very hard soils and mill deep trenches. Thanks to its small footprint and easy transportability, it can be easily used even in confined work areas.

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