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Grabenmeister helps with one of the largest solar parks in Europe

Solar parks are on the rise in Europe and are making a significant contribution to the promotion of renewable energies. Such large-scale systems efficiently use solar energy and convert it into clean electricity. Solar farms are particularly widespread in sunny countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy. They consist of a large number of solar modules that can be installed on open spaces or even on bodies of water. The size of a solar park can range from a few hectares to several square kilometers. Through their environmentally friendly energy generation, solar parks help reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the energy transition in Europe.

For years we have always had the great opportunity to be part of great projects. This is also the case this time, where our GM 4 crawler is in operation on one of the largest solar parks in Europe.

Especially in times when the supply of renewable energies is becoming increasingly important, every expansion of such solar parks is an important step into the future. If this is then still one of the largest in Europe, it is a great thing to be involved in this project.

The GM 4 caterpillar is perfectly suited for laying power lines, as it can dig appropriate trench widths and do so cleanly and efficiently with ease. Our customer has also chosen equipment with a cabin, because such a cabin protects the driver at all times from rain and sun, so he can work practically all the time. This allows maximum utilization of working time and faster completion of work for solar parks.

This is also necessary for the lines to be milled in order to finish milling the required lines. At the moment there are 2 machines in use, a GM 4 crawler and a GM 4 wheel. A total of 90,000 meters have to be milled, which is a Herculean task. Nevertheless, the trenchers have been delivering excellent work for a long time, which is why we are also very confident that our customer will manage the production of the solar park flawlessly with our machines.