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GM 450-H (depth milling machine)

Civil engineering with the GM 450-H deep milling machine

The GM 450-H deep milling machine is the deepest milling machine produced by Lingener Baumaschinen to date. With a depth of 4500mm, this machine is ideal for civil engineering and capable of handling even the deepest construction projects. The machine shown was attached to a Claas Xerion with the help of a subframe.

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Technical data of the deep milling machine GM 450-H for civil engineering

The GM 450-H depth milling machine can reach depths of up to 4500mm, as already mentioned. For milling, the hydraulic subframe is moved from the horizontal rest position to the vertical position. In this process, the milling tree is moved hydraulically into the ground via a guide carriage. The tiller is equipped with a bucket chain and thus transports the tilled soil upwards.

The excavated material is thrown out to the sides via a baffle plate so that no earth material gets in the way or falls back into the trench. Both the milling beam and the laying shaft are designed to be dismountable, so that other milling depths can also be realized during civil engineering, if desired. As this machine is extremely powerfully built, it weighs in at 10.7 tons. The trench width can be up to 400mm.

The 450-H deep milling machine as a civil engineering attachment

On the pictures you can see that the GM 450-H is always attached to a Claas Xerion. However, this is not a must for the use of the machine. As soon as the carrier has sufficient dead weight and the required hydraulic power can be called up, the machine can also be used on other carriers.

Experience in deep milling machines for civil engineering

Through our years of experience in trenching, we can offer them an ideal machine as well as advice. Also in the field of deep milling and civil engineering, we have sold more and more machines over the years and also developed them constantly, so that our machines are now milling all over the world.

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