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Lingener Baumaschinen has a wide range of trenching machines at its disposal

Micro Trenching


today we would like to talk about Micro Trenching, which is relevant to contractors and telecom service providers alike: it is an innovative method of cable laying that is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional trenching methods. Here are some reasons why you should have a trencher in your fleet of machines:

  1. Efficient cable laying: With a trencher, you can lay cables quickly and efficiently. Micro Trenching enables the excavation of narrow and precise cable trenches, reducing time and labor. By using a trencher, you can speed up cable installation and complete projects on time.

  2. Less surface damage: Compared to traditional excavation methods, Micro Trenching leaves less surface damage. The narrow cable trenches minimize disturbance to roads, sidewalks and other surfaces. This is especially important in urban areas to minimize traffic disruption and repair costs.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: A trencher offers a cost-effective solution for cable laying. The method requires less manpower and machine hours compared to conventional methods. This results in a lower cost per meter of cable laid and allows you to offer competitive pricing.

  4. Precise laying: A trencher enables precise laying of the cables. With the right adjustment system, you can precisely control the depth and width of the cable trench to meet the requirements of any project. Precise laying ensures reliable and efficient functioning of the cable network, laid with Micro Trenching

  5. Versatility: Trenchers are versatile machines that can be used for various cable laying applications, such as micro trenching. They can be used for both fiber optic and power cables. The machines are available in various sizes and configurations to meet different project requirements.

    A trencher is an indispensable tool for companies that want to use Micro Trenching for cable laying. The efficiency, low surface damage, cost effectiveness, precise installation and versatility make a trencher a valuable asset in your equipment fleet. If you want to optimize your cable laying projects, consider implementing a trencher.

    Contact us for more information about Micro Trenching and the different trencher models we have available. We will be happy to help you find the right solution for your specific requirements.

    Sincerely yours,

    Your Lingen Construction Machinery Team