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What are the advantages of excavator-mounted trenchers for backfilling trenches?

Category: Excavator attachment milling

Excavator-mounted trenchers also offer advantages for backfilling trenches after excavation:

  • Efficiency: The same backhoe attachment can not only dig trenches, but also efficiently backfill the excavated soil, saving time and labor.
  • Soil compaction: With the help of attachments such as vibratory plates, excavator-mounted trenchers can simultaneously compact the backfilled soil to create a solid foundation.
  • Clean finish: Precise control allows the trench to be backfilled cleanly and evenly, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and functional finish.

Important information:

  • Excavator-mounted trenchers save time and labor during trench backfilling.
  • Soil compaction by attachments ensures a solid foundation.
  • Precise control ensures a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish.
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