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Backfill screws

Optimize backfilling processes with backfilling screws

Backfill augers are important and frequently used accessories of milling machines, which are used, for example, in cable construction or fiber optic cable civil engineering. With them, it is possible to backfill milled trenches with the excavated material or another component without much effort. The selection of different models, such as pressure or traction screws, is quite large in order to be able to offer suitable variants for the various applications in each case. Many small and medium-sized companies, as well as large enterprises and corporations, use high-quality backfill augers in their work. These are suitable for wheel loaders with hydraulic drive and tractors with three-point linkage.

The different applications of backfilling screws

When it comes to civil engineering, there is hardly any accessory that is as versatile and as frequently used as a backfill auger. Among other things, such a device is used in fiber optic cable civil engineering. This involves the laying of fiber optic cables, which play a crucial role in the telecommunications industry, among other things, but also in digitization. In order to be able to lay such cables properly and professionally, it is recommended to use a high-quality milling machine in combination with an excellent backfilling screw. In this way, the trenches are backfilled so that the fiber optic cables are protected in the best possible way.

In addition to FO cable laying, backfill augers play a role in the installation of irrigation systems or the laying of supply lines for geothermal energy. Trenches of different sizes have to be dug and backfilled when the work is done. Accordingly, there is a wide range of augers designed for these different applications. Last but not least, such screws play a role in cable construction in general. After all, it is always a matter of filling the excavated trenches as cleanly and precisely as possible. This task is performed by such a screw.

There are these different types of backfill augers

Basically, users can choose between two different types of backfilling screws: the pressure or traction screws. These differ primarily in the technology with which they are operated and used. In practice, it turns out that both types of snails are equally fond of. This applies to both cable construction and fiber optic cable civil engineering. Moreover, several companies do not rely on individual pressure or tension screws, but have both variants available in order to be prepared for all eventualities. Regardless of whether push or pull augers are used, it is important that the selected model fits the particular milling machine.

The individual push or pull screws can be controlled and used in different ways. A so-called hydraulic cylinder liner is often used for cable construction and fiber optic cable civil engineering. This allows the backfill auger to be controlled both horizontally and vertically. In this way, it is possible to move the screw to almost any desired position and adapt it to the individual conditions on site. This always ensures that the screw can work efficiently and fits the respective project.

Focus on quality for backfill augers

Especially when using backfill augers, it is important to put quality above all else. After all, it is annoying when problems or damage occur when backfilling trenches. This delays projects or results in additional costs. That is why it is important to be careful when choosing the right screw and compare the different models. This is true both when a backfill auger is used only for a one-time project and when it is part of a company’s permanent equipment.

It is important for companies to find a good balance between cost and performance. The backfilling screws must do a good job and last a long time, but should be inexpensive in the process. Our snails master this balancing act excellently. The printing. or pull screws are inexpensive to have, but still convince with high quality and durability. Buying such a device is always an investment in the future, as our augers do their job reliably for many years in cable construction, fiber optic cable civil engineering and other tasks, and are a really big help in numerous projects of different kinds.

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