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GM 600 R


s GM 600 R milling wheel now new for cable construction!

The GM 600 R milling wheel is a new development from Lingener Baumaschinen and is intended to offer new possibilities for the customer. Especially in villages or cities, the maneuverability offered by this trencher is a huge advantage. Nevertheless, it is able to mill through asphalt and concrete without any problems. A milling machine for every application.

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Advantages of the GM 600 R

As already mentioned, the GM 600 R can score with its lightness and maneuverability. For example, it can be ideally mounted on a GM 4 crawler or all-wheel drive. But its robustness is also a big plus for this machine. While many companies rely on mini-excavators for cable laying, the GM 600 R can mill out the section to be milled much faster and more precisely. For example, an excavator can excavate a maximum of 300 meters a day, while the GM 600 R can manage close to 1000 meters a day.

Another advantage in cable construction is the direct laying of the cable through a cable shaft at the end of the cutter. This allows you to work even more efficiently and quickly and saves an enormous amount of time. Furthermore, the machine can be moved hydraulically on the rear crossbeam. This simplifies milling in inaccessible places. This is a significant relief, especially for cable construction in cities.

Data of the GM 600 R for cable construction

As already mentioned, the GM 600 R can be perfectly mounted on the GM 4 caterpillar and all-wheel drive. However, if you already have your own carrier, this is not a problem. Other carriers with a hydraulic capacity of 100 liters at 200 bar can be used. The power of the carrier should be at least about 190 hp. Thanks to a three-point mounting, the machine can be easily attached and removed again very easily if required. The widths are available between 80-200 mm. The depth can even be adjusted hydraulically and can reach up to 600 mm depth.

Our experience, your profit

Through our years of experience in the field of trenchers, we can offer you an ideal machine. Not only our GM 600 R, but also all our other machines have been extensively and frequently tested and optimized. We are proud to say that with the GM 600 R, we have succeeded in creating a machine that can master all cable construction tasks.