Grabenfräsen Schnellfinder

Sollte ihr benötigtes Gerät nicht in den Suchergebnissen aufscheinen, so zögern Sie bitte nicht uns anzurufen unter 0591 – 76 314!

I have made a request, what is the next step?

Thank you in advance for your interest in one of our products. The further procedure is now as follows:

  1. Contacting: Either by mail or by phone you will get a feedback from us. Depending on what your request is about, we will send you an offer immediately or ask you for more information about your project. In order to provide you with the optimal machine, the latter will probably be the case.
  2. Consultation: We contact you to find out exactly what you intend to do with your machine and what it must be able to do. Based on this, we will send you a non-binding offer for one or more machines.
  3. Consideration: Investing in a machine is not an everyday decision, we are very aware of that. Take your time to consider which machine will be of most use to you and do not hesitate to pick up the phone and ask if you have any questions. We are always at your disposal for any questions.
  4. Decision: Once you have decided on a model, we congratulate you first of all. From here on, there are several procedural options that we will talk through with you. This may involve the trade-in of an existing machine, delivery time, delivery location, etc.. We clarify all this with you and get everything ready for you, so that you only have to look forward to the use of the machine.
  5. Introduction and follow-up service: Service for existing customers is at least as important as attracting new customers. This includes an on-site instruction of the machine by one of our mechanics, who will show you and your team all functions and capabilities of the machine and clarify further questions. But even when the handover has taken place and the machine has been officially handed over, we are always just a phone call away to help you with any problems. Be it spare parts, which we deliver to your construction site by overnight shipment in just one day (provided the construction site is located in Germany) or questions about the machine.

As a medium-sized company, we pride ourselves on having short communication channels and always being able to assist our customers quickly. We would be happy to do the same for you. So do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.